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Magic for business. Not just coding.

We create tailored solutions for business, based on cryptographic and AI technologies. Whenever you need secure, versatile, private, web applications for authentication, certification, or payments, we are here to help.

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Power up your app with learning agents and process written stuff smartly

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Smooth - fluid - retro - audacious. We got it all

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Distributed Applied Cryptography (or what cool guys call Blockchain)

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Secured Communications

Highly encrypted communications between people and things

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Payment Processors

Most dynamic, cost-efficient and versatile payments

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Digital ID

Self-Sovereign Identity as a Service using distributed networks

*Good to know! You are not limited to the expertise we've built. We are fearless to surprise you with any tailored solution you want. There is nothing that rookies can't do!

Made by pioneers to pioneers.

Apps powered by cutting-edge technology. Fearless to create the next technological bomb by using the latest AI tools with distributed ledger technologies

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Say “hi” to the competitive advantage.

Bold and realistic use cases of baked technologies boosting new competitive business models, addressing compelling market issues.

  • Perfect for modern startups
  • Quality design and integrations
  • Cutting-edge tailored development
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Built for awesomeness

We use the latest technologies and tools in order to create a better code that not only works great, but it is easy easy to work with too.

Industry driven

Our market-pull approach and connections with the industry bring us a curated selection of highly impact projects

Connected to the Stars

Being contributors to cutting-edge open source development communities makes us surf the right wave safely

Efficient team work

The sauce of this knowledge salad is getting best-in-class rookies working together with newest collaborative management tools

Send us an email to join our team!

Rookie Labs is a lifestyle! We are looking forward to receiving a message from fearless developers who can show great potential and wants to eat the world c0d1ng!

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What our customers say

We believe that attention to detail is the key for success. That is why we lovet to hear what our customers have to say.

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Adrian Tomas

I am very happy with the agile software development process that let me shape my product at any time. I was surprised by the up-to-date tech stack used at Rookie Labs.

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Federico Spitaleri
Satoshis Games

Excellent work, clean code, beautiful design, and very productive-fast development. Highly recommended for any kind on blockchain & decentralised App.

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Carlos Borlado

Target-oriented focus, highly deterministic and cutting-edge innovative tech stack. Great expertise in Natural Language Processing and recursive learning agents.

100+ technology stacks

Beyond specific AI and DLT technologies, we bring a broad range of web development technologies to fit any project requirements.

6 months technical support

The launch company for high-potential rookie developers to create their first relevant marks at our portfolio of selected impact projects.